Cling On! Round Brushes

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Cling On! Round brushes are ideal for all over painting and produce a similar finish to oval brushes. Round brushes are best suited for more detailed areas. These will make quick work of painting banisters, spindles and more.

The silky soft Cling On! brushes are synthetic, made with Dupont filament bristles which release paint with very little friction thereby reducing brush marks to a minimum. They hold a lot of paint and create a beautiful smooth finish with both chalk and milk paint and clean up like a dream.
Cling On's are designed to be used damp (not wet, damp) and are generally stored with their tips in water. When you finish painting just rinse the bulk of the paint from your brush and sit it in a cup with water up to the half way point on the bristles. The paint left in the brush will wick it's way out, essentially having the brush self clean. The next day just change the water, give the brush another quick rinse and pop it back in the water. 

When you are ready to use your brush again just flick out excess water, squeeze it in a paper towel and paint away!